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Membership Subscriptions

Subs can now be paid for the year ending January 2024.
Please ensure all subs are paid by Tuesday 31st January 2023 for the financial year commencing 1st February 2023.

Subs are $50 per person with the following exceptions.

  • Life members/Honorary members are free.

  • If a person is 65 years and have been a member for 10 or more consecutive financial

    years, then their sub will be $25 per year.

  • If a person has been a member for 25 consecutive financial years, then their sub will

    be $25 per year.

  • Returned and Service Members, serving Forces personnel and serving Police and Fire

    officers will be $25 per year.

  • Junior membership (for children aged 12 years up to 18 years) costs $10 per year.


Members who have not paid their subscription as of 1st February 2023 will be classed as non-financial and will not be entitled to any privileges of Membership. Your card will be disabled, and you will be ineligible for the membership draw until such time that your membership is renewed. There will no longer be a late payment penalty charged on subscriptions.


Please pay subs into the Te Puke Citizens Inc Trade account: 01-0451-0057794-00

Please enter your name and as a reference use your membership number.
If you pay online, you will need to pick up an updated financial sticker for your membership card from the Club.


Alternatively, subs can be paid at the bar using the form provided to update your details.


New members can join at any time of the year and will pay a fee relating to the period in which they are joining.

  • February, March, April, May, June, July – The full $50 is required

  • August, September, October, November - $25 sub required

  • December, January – $50, new members join for the following financial year

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